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Judith Kinghorn is the author of four novels: The Last Summer (2012), The Memory of Lost Senses (2013), The Snow Globe (2015) and The Echo of Twilight (2017). Her books are published in the USA, UK, Canada and British Commonwealth countries, and have been translated to a number of languages including German, French, Italian and Spanish. 









Kinghorn carefully weaves the story of love and self-discovery into the solemn tapestry of war, loss, and mental instability… (and) embraces a dark time in history to tell this immersive and historically sound coming-of-age tale.
— Publisher’s Weekly
Judith Kinghorn excels at this time period... Those who love the blockbuster show Downton Abbey will find much to enjoy in The Snow Globe.
— historicalnovelsociety.org

A multilayered story of unbridled passion, intellectual pursuits, and uncovered memories… historical fiction readers will appreciate Kinghorn’s eye for authentic period detail.
— Booklist, USA
A sumptuous absorbing tale of love in the time of war. Judith Kinghorn’s novel brilliantly illuminates the experiences of a generation of blighted youth.
— Rachel Hore