In 1914, despite the threat of war in Europe, Pearl Gibson’s future seems bright. She has at last secured a position as a lady’s maid, working for Lady Ottoline Campbell.

Transported to Northumberland and then to the Campbell’s vast Scottish estate, Pearl is drawn into the tangled web of Ottoline's life, a world of intrigue, glamour and scandal where nothing is quite as it seems. In the confusing milieu of the upper classes it is Ottoline’s cousin, Ralph, who Pearl comes to rely on and trust. 

But when violence erupts in Europe, Pearl and Ottoline’s relationship is irrevocably changed. As the men in their lives are called to the front line, shocking events unfold at home that both Pearl and Ottoline vow never to reveal. They share a secret that will test their loyalty to one another to breaking point; a secret that will bind them together forever.

From the acclaimed author of The Last Summer, a story of heartbreaking secrets, tested devotion, and a search for identity during the years of the First World War. 


Kinghorn has created an enchanting atmospheric work of historical fiction that is a rich blend of Downton Abbey and Jane Eyre.
— Booklist (USA)


‘Kinghorn carefully weaves the story of love and self-discovery into the solemn tapestry of war, loss, and mental instability… With language that draws the reader into the story, Kinghorn brings the past to life and makes Pearl’s struggles for stability accessible, relatable and affecting. Kinghorn embraces a dark time in history to tell this immersive and historically sound coming-of-age tale.’ — Publisher’s Weekly

‘Judith Kinghorn is a very skilled author who crafts a mesmerizing account of how the vicissitudes of life dramatically shift during wartime. Every character is dramatically changed forever and the reader is honored to have shared the dramatic lives within these pages… The Echo of Twilight is an amazing work of historical fiction that this reviewer highly recommends!’ — Viviane Crystal

‘Kinghorn evokes the tumultuous WWI era perfectly in an absorbing tale of tangled relationships, surprising twists and enduring love… This is a compelling story, especially for those who miss Downton Abbey.’ — Romantic Times Book Reviews/Magazine

‘Television has made it difficult to write an original novel about a British lady’s maid during WWI… The protagonist of The Echo of Twilight is strong enough to make readers care what happens to her and read until the last page. And isn’t that the definition of a good book? Those who agree will also enjoy Kinghorn’s backlist, which includes The Last Summer.’ – Historical Novel Society

‘Besides the winning prose, the author’s strength lies in seamlessly weaving historical details and themes (and evocative landscapes) into an interesting, informative, fast-moving plot. … a novel of a nation at war that never forgets to remind us of the beauty of life, nature, and experiencing true love.’ — Enchanted Prose

‘I read Judith Kinghorn’s debut, The Last Summer when it was released in 2012 and absolutely loved it but I have to say that The Echo of Twilight is in my opinion, Judith’s best book yet. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Even though it’s only the third of January, Judith has set the bar high and I know I’ve already found one of my top historical reads for 2017!’ — One More Page Blog (UK)

The Echo of Twilight is sublime. I am a huge admirer of Judith Kinghorn’s work. In this, her fourth book, she has reached her writing prime… More than a family saga, The Echo of Twilight is an account of domestic service & the mores of the time; war & it’s fallout, notions of respectability & loyalty, motherhood & love in its myriad forms. Highly recommended.’ – Carol Lovekin