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The Snow Globe

As Christmas 1926 approaches, the Forbes family are preparing to host a celebration at Eden Hall and local writer Agatha Christie's disappearance is national news. Eighteen-year-old Daisy Forbes is preoccupied by the mystery, and by the nature of her parents marriage. 

For Daisy's mother, Mabel, change is in the air. Like Mrs. Christie, she has recently learned of her husband's infidelity and quietly plans her revenge. Before the festivities are over, Mabel has entertained her husband's mistress, delivered an ultimatum and begun a new, special friendship. Meanwhile, Daisy has received a declaration of love, a proposal, and her first kiss - from three different men.

Early in the new year, both Daisy and her mother leave the place they love and embark on very different journeys of independence and self discovery.  

A story of shifting desires, fortunes and loyalties in the tumultuous years after The Great War.


(A) story of mature love, misunderstandings, betrayal, grief and forgiveness. If you love Downton Abbey, you will love reading The Snow Globe.


‘Judith Kinghorn excels at this time period. Her descriptions are accurate, and the characters’ speech never wanders into modern territory. She vividly depicts the turmoil of the postwar period, as the great houses of England slowly begin to decay and their occupants drift away. The Forbes family and their retainers are all undergoing changes, and Kinghorn deftly captures the complexity of their dreams and desires. Those who love the blockbuster show Downton Abbey will find much to enjoy in The Snow Globe.’ —

‘An absolutely delicious book…The period is beautifully observed, and we are expertly drawn into a suspenseful blend of tangled relationships and shocking discoveries. Daisy’s coming of age in the ‘brave new world’ of post-war England had me holding my breath. Elegant and evocative to the last word.’ — Elizabeth Cooke

‘Both a gripping tale of family secrets and a comedy of manners, Kinghorn’s novel paints a vivid portrait of love and its perplexing complications. Set against the backdrop of Europe in the years following the Great War, The Snow Globe is a fascinating journey back in time. Historical fiction fans will not want to miss this gem!’ — Renée Rosen

‘This is a beautifully written novel that explores the frailty and power of love. The Snow Globe is about mature love, materialistic love, idealistic love, miscommunication, misunderstandings, loss, grief and the joy to be found in forgiveness. It was an absolute pleasure to read and I was moved to tears just before the end. If you love watching Downton Abbey, you will love reading The Snow Globe.’ — Pam Mcllroy

‘(In The Snow Globe) Ms Kinghorn explores the themes of coming of age, of love and loyalty with fine and broad brushstrokes, creating a world of intrigue within a strong family setting… The author recreates a very specific time between the wars with authority and treats her characters with humour, understanding and compassion. An excellent read, beautifully written and perfectly plotted.’ — Anne Coates

As always, Judith Kinghorn’s writing is beyond exquisite... I definitely recommend (The Snow Globe) if you are interested in dense, poetic, steady paced historical fiction from an author with an amazing backlist! —

The Snow Globe is, as always with Judith Kinghorn’s novels, a pleasure to read: her beautiful writing coaxes you through a story filled with period detail, lush description and a whole cast of fully-formed characters. Just as you do with Robert Altman’s inclusive camerawork in Gosford Park, you’ll soon feel caught up in daily life at Eden Hall, thanks to Judith’s intimate writing style, drawing you into the book’s world and the heads of her characters. — Kathryn Eastman